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Understanding Shared Fault in Personal Injury in Jefferson City, Missouri

Personal injury cases are traumatic in many ways – physically, certainly, but also emotionally and even financially. Claiming damages is one way to gain compensation for at least the financial aspect of an injury – lost wages or damage to a vehicle or other property. However, what many people dealing with personal injury in Jefferson City, Missouri don’t realize is that under Missouri law, personal injury is not an “all or nothing” proposition where only one person involved in an accident or incident is considered at fault. Pure Rule of Personal Injury Missouri follows a “pure” comparative fault guideline, which... Read More

Time Limits on Auto Accidents in Columbia Missouri

Auto accidents are frightening – and frighteningly common. The causes of these accidents range from weather conditions and malfunctioning vehicles to the most common: Driver error. That means that a significant proportion of accidents resulted in more than injuries, they resulted in lawsuits. Statutes of Limitation on Auto Accidents in Columbia, Missouri Many people are unaware that in the state of Missouri, they have limited time in which to file a lawsuit regarding injuries or damage stemming from an auto accident. On the other hand, many people are also surprised to discover that you do not have to file a... Read More

The Definition and Rules Regarding Wrongful Death in Mexico Missouri

When a person dies as the result of the actions, in actions, or negligence of someone else or on the part of a business, it is considered a case of wrongful death in Mexico Missouri. Wrongful death is a specific legal term – certainly all deaths are in some sense wrongful, but not all are actionable against other parties. Wrongful death in Mexico Missouri is defined as a death that is the direct result of actions or negligence that would have resulted in damages if the victim had lived. Thus it is often compared with personal injury claims: Wrongful death... Read More

What a Family Lawyer in Moberly, Missouri Can Do Regarding Child Support Enforcement

A divorce is an incredibly difficult and painful experience for all involved. It’s even worse when children are involved, and sometimes a parent refuses to obey support orders. This can be due to a variety of reasons, but the fact is that while they are disobeying a court order, it is often difficult to compel compliance without the assistance of a good family lawyer in Moberly, Missouri. Options for Enforcement If a parent is refusing to pay their court-ordered support, you can contact the Family Support Division (FSD) of the Missouri Department of Social Services. A family lawyer in Moberly,... Read More