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Time and Duration of Child Custody in Columbia, Missouri

Divorce is disruptive and traumatic, but it is designed to ultimately reap a more stable and less disruptive existence for both spouses and children. In a marriage that has lost the fundamental sense of emotional connection and mutual respect and in which communication has broken down, it cannot be convincingly argued that children are better off. While divorce is a difficult experience, it aims to result in a more sustainable family unit through a sensible arrangement for child custody in Columbia, Missouri. The Issue of Child Custody in Missouri While in some divorces, there is a clear preference as to... Read More

To File or Not to File: Child Support Modification in Jefferson City, Missouri

Child support is very much like the children it intends to protect: It grows and changes over time. What made sense in the initial weeks and months after a divorce may not make sense a year later. As the child has grown, education and medical circumstances may have changed, and the custodial parent’s lifestyle or income may have changed. As a result, it is often necessary to adjust support and seek child support modification in Jefferson City, Missouri over the years after a divorce. The first question divorced parents must answer is whether they must go to court to change... Read More

Defending Juvenile Offenses in Columbia, Missouri Begins with Defining Terms

In the state of Missouri and the city of Columbia, as in most other areas of the country, there is a division between a “juvenile” justice system and an adult justice system. This is obviously due to the fact that children are judged to lack the experience and maturity to be able to identify right from wrong in complex situations. However, in Missouri the definition of a “juvenile” crime versus an adult crime varies depending on context. As a result the first step in defending juvenile offenses in Columbia, Missouri is to determine whether the perpetrator/client will be regarded, legally,... Read More