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Strategies for Defending Against Property Crime Charges in Boone County MO

Property crimes can seem less serious because of the calm, almost passive-sounding name applied to them. But make no mistake, “property crimes,” including theft, robbery, and burglary are very serious crimes with long-reaching implications for your future life. While many property crimes are committed in the heat of a moment or as the result of a personal dispute, these factors do not necessarily limit the punishment meted out by the courts. If you have been charged with a property crime, your first step should be to contact a qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Boone County MO so they... Read More

Wrongful Death and Car Accidents in Missouri

Most people cannot conceive of any situation that sees them causing the death of another person. Death is such a dramatic and mind-boggling concept, the idea that something you do could possibly cause death seems impossible. Yet every year more than 20,000 people lose their lives in one of the most common events of modern life: Car accidents. And many of these deaths could be considered wrongful deaths if the driver of the other vehicles are found to be in some way negligent. However, many people do not realize that there is a statute of limitations on wrongful death in... Read More

Change in Personal Injury Law Regarding Dog Bites

When people think of the term “personal injury claim,” they usually imagine an injury inflicted by one person onto another, whether by accident or on purpose. However, many of the leading root causes of personal injury lawsuits and claims involve something other than other people. In fact, one of the most common causes of personal injury in Missouri are dog bites. The law, as any personal injury lawyer in Jefferson City MO can tell you, is not a static, unchanging thing. It is in constant motion, being refined and corrected at all times. Thus, what you knew about the law... Read More

Uncontested Missouri Divorces Still Need Attorneys

While the popular image of the divorce is a snarling couple, after years of emotional distance and resentment, spitting and tearing at each other in court, the fact is most couples who decide that a divorce is the only way forward don’t hate each other. They may have lost the ability to communicate effectively so they often seek to divorce quickly and affordably, without rancor. An uncontested divorce might seem like the obvious solution, but too many couples assume that “uncontested” means they don’t need any kind of divorce attorney in Moberly MO to assist them in the process. The... Read More