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To File or Not to File: Child Support Modification in Jefferson City, Missouri

Child support is very much like the children it intends to protect: It grows and changes over time. What made sense in the initial weeks and months after a divorce may not make sense a year later. As the child has grown, education and medical circumstances may have changed, and the custodial parent’s lifestyle or income may have changed. As a result, it is often necessary to adjust support and seek child support modification in Jefferson City, Missouri over the years after a divorce. The first question divorced parents must answer is whether they must go to court to change... Read More

What a Family Lawyer in Moberly, Missouri Can Do Regarding Child Support Enforcement

A divorce is an incredibly difficult and painful experience for all involved. It’s even worse when children are involved, and sometimes a parent refuses to obey support orders. This can be due to a variety of reasons, but the fact is that while they are disobeying a court order, it is often difficult to compel compliance without the assistance of a good family lawyer in Moberly, Missouri. Options for Enforcement If a parent is refusing to pay their court-ordered support, you can contact the Family Support Division (FSD) of the Missouri Department of Social Services. A family lawyer in Moberly,... Read More