Time Limits on Auto Accidents in Columbia, Missouri

Auto accidents are frightening – and frighteningly common. The causes of these accidents range from weather conditions and malfunctioning vehicles to the most common: Driver error. That means that a significant proportion of accidents resulted in more than injuries, they resulted in lawsuits.

Statutes of Limitation on Auto Accidents in Columbia, Missouri

Many people are unaware that in the state of Missouri, they have limited time in which to file a lawsuit regarding injuries or damage stemming from an auto accident. On the other hand, many people are also surprised to discover that you do not have to file a lawsuit right away. This is because many consequences of an accident are not immediately apparent.

In Missouri, the statute of limitations for lawsuits involving both injuries sustained in an auto accident and property damage stemming from accidents is five years. This means that you have five years from the incident in which to file a lawsuit against the other parties, after which time, you have forfeited your rights.

One aspect of these time frames that many people involved in auto accidents in Columbia, Missouri fail to see is that this gives them time to gather data about the incident.

Insurance Time Limits

It should be noted that your insurance policy is not affected by these laws when it comes to auto accidents in Columbia, Missouri. Your policy will have language regarding the time frame you have to file a claim or make adjustments to a claim, and these time limits are not governed by Missouri’s statute of limitations on lawsuits. This makes an insurance claim a separate issue for those involved in accidents – very often, you have to decide much more quickly whether to file a claim than whether to file a lawsuit.

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