Understanding the Options in Missouri Divorce

Divorce is an emotionally and financially draining time. Few people go to an attorney with the intention of being malicious towards their soon-to-be ex-spouse. Most people just want to get through the process as efficiently as possible. With tempers flaring and concerns about your kids and money at the forefront of your mind, that can be challenging. You need a Columbia divorce lawyer who is committed to helping you effectively resolve your concerns.

When you contact my firm – Mingus Law Office – that is exactly what you will find. I have 18 years of experience helping individuals work through the divorce process and move on with their lives.

When you contact me, I can help you understand the options available and the possible ramifications of each. Some people think the only way to resolve their problems is by going to court. Other people are more concerned about the cost of going to court, and they are willing to try working things out. I explain the options that are available and can help you make the choice that is most appropriate for your situation. Regardless of what your decision is, you will know you made it only after having a good understanding of all the choices.

Communicating Effectively Throughout the Process

If you are getting divorced, it is because something is not working in your marriage. Although it may seem like your family will end when the divorce is over, that is rarely the case. If you have children, you will likely still see your spouse at your children’s events, and you will want to communicate about their growth.

I understand the importance of maintaining open lines of communication even when the tension is high. I work closely with individuals to help them maintain their dignity and communicate effectively at each step of the process. Learn more about working your way through a difficult situation by scheduling your initial consultation. I work with individuals to resolve Missouri child custody and property division matters. I can be reached online or by calling 573-678-3105.