Effectively Resolving Missouri Divorce Matters

Few legal matters are more emotional than family law matters. As parents, we want what is best is for our children. As spouses, we vowed to give everything we could to our marriage. Unfortunately, sometimes it feels like giving everything isn’t enough, and it’s time to find a new path for your life.

Whether you are thinking about divorce, are trying to determine your custody and visitation plan, or are trying to establish paternity, you need a Columbia family lawyer who can help you understand your options. When you contact my firm – Mingus Law Office – that is exactly what you will find. I have 18 years of experience helping individuals in Columbia and throughout central Missouri find solutions to family law matters, including:

  • Divorce: I work with adults to help them keep their dignity during divorce. This means fighting fair and working hard to maintain open lines of communication throughout the process.

  • Child custody and visitation: I work with parents to create a parenting plan that fits the schedules and needs of both parents while also meeting the best interests of the children.

  • Paternity and father’s rights: I help parents understand their rights and responsibilities regarding paternity. Whether you are a mother who is seeking child support or a father who wants to spend time with your child, I can help.

  • Modifications: If your living situation or circumstances have changed since the time your first decree was established, you may be able to receive a modification. I work with individuals to modify child support and child custody orders.

  • Enforcement of orders: If your ex-spouse is not following the custody or support orders, I can help you take the matter to court so you receive the time or money you are entitled.

  • Orders of protection: In some divorce cases, child abuse or adult abuse is a large problem. I work with victims who need to file orders of protection against family members. I also represent individuals who think they have been wrongly served an order of protection.

  • Maintenance: Spousal maintenance, also called spousal support or alimony, may be awarded to one spouse during or after the divorce. This financial award is designed to let both spouses maintain the lifestyles they were accustomed to during the marriage.

  • Property division: During a divorce, all marital property must be divided between the two parties. I work with individuals who need to divide farms or other property.

I know this is an emotionally draining time, and I will do whatever I can to help you find the legal solutions you need. Because family doesn’t end when the legal matters are closed, I work hard to help my clients find the most amicable solutions possible. When that isn’t possible, I offer my clients the strong legal representation they need in -court. Learn more about the solutions available in your situation by scheduling your initial consultation with an experienced Boone County divorce attorney. I can be reached online or by calling 573-678-3105.