Child Support Attorney in Columbia, Missouri

Support, custody and visitation can be sensitive issues. Parents want to have enough time with their children, and nobody wants to be treated unfairly when it comes to money.

If your life circumstances or your children’s needs have changed in a substantial way, you can petition a court to change support, custody or visitation arrangements that were made earlier but may not be appropriate now. In the family law arena, this is referred to as a modification.

Modifying Support Or Custody

As a lawyer with extensive family law experience, I can advise you regarding modification of child support, spousal support, child custody or visitation. I can represent you pursuing a modification if your situation involves:

  • The loss of a job or a significant reduction in income (generally, a 20 percent change)
  • Your co-parent or former spouse earning much more than he or she earned previously
  • Your child’s other parent having issues that present problems for your child
  • One of your children getting ready for college
  • Significant, extraordinary expenses for your kids, such as medical, educational or day care expenses
  • You or your co-parent moving away

Should You Pursue A Modification?

Modification of court orders can seem absolutely necessary in some situations, such as those in which a parent has lost his or her income or is moving out of state. In other cases, it is simply not practical.

I can evaluate your situation and help you understand whether it meets the legal requirements for “changed circumstances.” If it does meet the requirements, we can discuss whether the legal expense of pursuing a modification will be worthwhile for you.

Boone County Custody Modification Attorney

Contact me to speak to a Columbia, Missouri, attorney for child support modification, custody modification or visitation modification. I can answer your questions and help you understand your options for improving your situation.