Uncontested Missouri Divorces Still Need Attorneys

While the popular image of the divorce is a snarling couple, after years of emotional distance and resentment, spitting and tearing at each other in court, the fact is most couples who decide that a divorce is the only way forward don’t hate each other. They may have lost the ability to communicate effectively so they often seek to divorce quickly and affordably, without rancor.

An uncontested divorce might seem like the obvious solution, but too many couples assume that “uncontested” means they don’t need any kind of divorce attorney in Moberly, MO to assist them in the process. The fact is, no matter how amicable or simple you think your divorce is, an attorney is always a good idea.

Financial Complexity

Divorces are complicated because they are taking finances and properties that have been tied up in two different names for years or decades and separating them. Doing this properly requires the expertise and experience of a divorce attorney in Moberly, MO.

One thing many people overlook is the march of time. While they may enter their divorce in a friendly and cooperative manner, there’s no guarantee they will remain friendly for the rest of their lives, which means any mistakes in dividing up assets today could come back to haunt them tomorrow.

Proper Filing

Another role for a divorce attorney in Moberly MO is to ensure that all the paperwork is filled out properly and filed in the correct places. Mistakes in paperwork can delay divorce decrees and even bring unwanted attention from the courts, with the end result that the supposedly “simple” divorce becomes intolerably complicated and expensive. The easiest way to spare yourselves from this scenario is to invest a small amount of money into a good lawyer at the outset.

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